Wedding ceremony at the Eiffel Tower


Christine & Schalk exchanged their personal wedding vows in Paris

Love doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes love is overcoming obstacles and fighting to be together. And love is sometimes making a fresh start and letting the past behind to make your dreams come true.

At least that’s what Christine & Schalk experienced: They met each other 5 years ago and soon realized that they found their one true love. All seemed smooth and easy. So they got married one year ago back home and were walking on clouds. But then something unexpected happened. Christine said: “We had an unfortunate event happen at the wedding and a very very stressful year that followed!”

In fact the couple from South-Africa had to separate shortly after their wedding because of a relocation their jobs to different places. So instead of leaving for a romantic honeymoon trip and enjoying their new life as husband and wife they had to part and face the stress of a long distant relation. This was quite hard on the newly weds: Christine & Schalk just felt sad and  frustrated and all stressed out.

After things were calming and they were able to live together again they decided to just have a fresh start, to do their wedding ceremony all over again. And they wanted to exchange their vows once more as a symbol that their life as a married couple can finally start now. Christine said: “We decided to redo it all! To start a peaceful loving journey together, creating a new and beautiful memory and letting go of the past!”

Both Christine & Schalk are religious. So it was very important for them to enter into the renewal of their marriage with their faith as the foundation. As their Paris Officiant I performed a slightly religious ceremony for them including a prayer that the couple chose themselves to bless their (re)union. And just at the moment when I read the words of the prayer and Christine & Schalk had their eyes closed absorbed in devotions the sun was flooding the spot close to the Eiffel Tower which we had chosen for their ceremony – it was such an enchanting moment!

Christine & Schalk also wanted to write and read their own wedding vows. Because on the one hand they were not allowed to include personal vows during their wedding back home. And on the other hand it was important for the couple to choose the words and make the promised that came right from their hearts for their new start.

It was just natural that they even decided to exchange their wedding vows in their mother tongue Afrikaans. As their english-speaking celebrant I didn’t understand a word of their wedding vows. But I still felt very moved. Because when Christine & Schalk read their vows to each other it seemed like the whole tensions of the last year could finally melt away and the couple could make up for the past frustration.

Christine & Schalk completed their ceremony with couple pictures at the Eiffel Tower. Actually they started with a sunrise photo shoot at Trocadero and then we moved to a grassy spot nearby just at the foot of the Eiffel Tower for their wedding ceremony. It was such a nicely sunny spring morning where the first flowers were starting to bloom. And Paris Photographer Pierre Torset captured the fresh spring vibes and a stunning sunrise into beautiful pictures.










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