Early spring elopement at the foot of the Eiffel Tower


Cielo & Wheng elope to Paris – their favorite city in the world

The Parisian sky over the Eiffel Tower was grey and dense like an old black-an-white movie. Wheng was protecting Cielo in a warm embrace from the cold of this spring morning in Paris. The two ladies wore the traditional wedding colors for their elopement: A white bridal gown and a black tux. Only their flowers were shining with vibrant colors in the morning haze: A bridal bouquet and a boutonniere made of bright pink roses.

Those were the same flowers with which Wheng proposed to Cielo on Valentines Day the year before the couple came to Paris to elope: When Cielo entered the couple’s bedroom that day Wheng had a bouquet of roses prepared for her as a surprise – and on top of the bed Cielo discovered a card. “First I didn’t notice the flowers actually, but the card that was on top of the bed. Because she’s the type of person who doesn’t really writes or gives cards”, Cielo said. In the card she found an engagement ring along with the handwritten question: “Will you be mine forever?” Cielo was more than happy and said yes.

So a good year after the surprise proposal the two ladies travelled to Paris to celebrate their elopement in the city of love. Cielo said: “We really wanted to do the symbolic wedding in Paris, because it was to Paris we travelled for the first time together way back in 2007. And from this time on we just kept coming back to Paris.” It was Cielo and Wheng’s dream to elope to their favorite city in the world.

Cielo and Wheng chose a spot just at the foot of the Eifel Tower to celebrate their love and commitment for each other. As their Paris Officiant I prepared a romantic elopement ceremony including a bible reading and a reading about Paris for the couple.

Most important for Cielo and Wheng was to write and read their personal wedding vows. Choosing their own words to express their feelings made this unique moment even more special for them. “We exchanged our vows at the foot of Eiffel Tower and it felt like we had the whole Paris all for ourselves”, said Cielo, “When my partner started her vows, it was such a heartwarming experience because everything she said was all perfect.”

As their celebrant in Paris I was also very touched by their personal vows as their referred to their dramatic love story: They first met in their teens through Cielo’s cousin on the phone and they hit it off right away. And as soon as they met in person for the first time they fell in love with each other instantly. But they were both with someone else at that time, so their love was impossible. Their time had not come yet and it would still take a while for them to finally be together. Cielo said: “We kept crossing paths like in the movie “Serendipity” until we reached the age of 33 years and finally decided to be with each other.”

So when Wheng read her vows to Cielo referring to their long and complicated love story it was a very heartfelt moment. “In our lifetime, we have crossed paths so many times, that I’m starting to be a believer. I’m fated to be with you“, read Wheng to Cielo, who had tears in her eyes and was deeply moved.

As their wedding celebrant I am so happy for these two amazing ladies that they finally found each other and could celebrate their love by exchanging their wedding rings in Paris. And I wish for them to live happily ever after every single day of their lives as a married couple.

Paris Photographer Pierre Torset was capturing those touching moments during their ceremony and took some more beautiful pictures of the couple at the Eiffel Tower, Alexander III bridge and the Louvre. For Cielo and Wheng their elopement in Paris was a dream come true. Cielo said: “We enjoyed every bit of the process and just felt the overflowing love we have for each other.”



Cielo about The Paris Officiant:

“We feel so lucky to have Laura to officiate our symbolic wedding ceremony in Paris. Laura cares about us, she was very accommodating, friendly, supportive, professional and had a lovely ability to make the ceremony memorable. She spoke beautifully and every word meant a lot to us. Our ceremony was very intimate and special. Everything was perfect !!! Laura did an excellent job performing the ceremony. We are grateful for all her help in such a special day of our lives. We strongly recommend Laura to anyone looking for an officiant in or around Paris. Thank you again, It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to staying in touch. I hope this wedding season allows you to bring together many more happy couples.”






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