Places to elope in Paris

places to elope in paris

One thing is for sure: You want to elope in Paris, get married or renew wedding vows in the city of love! You will have Paris as a backdrop for your outdoor ceremony – how wonderful!

You only wonder where you can find the perfect Paris wedding location for your outdoor ceremony?

Places to elope in Paris: The best wedding locations in Paris

There is an endless choice of beautiful places to elope in Paris! Basically you have to decide between to kinds of Paris wedding locations: Either you want to be close to one of the iconic Paris landmarks or you prefer someplace more quiet for an intimate wedding ceremony. Then one of the romantic parks in Paris and beautiful Paris gardens are a good option!

Famous Paris landmarks: Paris as backdrop for your ceremony

It has always been your dream to elope in Paris, to have a Paris wedding or to renew your vows in Paris. There is no doubt what the perfect location for your outdoor ceremony looks like: You want to get married at at the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum. One of the famous Paris landmarks should be your ceremony backdrop! So how about an Eiffel Tower wedding, a Notre Dame wedding or a Louvre wedding?

Just keep in mind: Many people love visiting these famous sights. Quite likely you won’t be alone at the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. Scheduling your outdoor ceremony early in the morning is a good way to beat the crowds. Still Paris is a city that never really sleeps – so there can always be passersby and tourists at the famous Paris landmarks.

Here you find some examples for Paris landmarks as beautiful backdrop for your outdoor ceremony with your Paris officiant.

Eiffel Tower wedding

The Eiffel Tower is the most famous Paris landmark! Many couples dream about an Eiffel Tower wedding.

Here are ceremony locations for your Eiffel Tower wedding.

Notre Dame wedding

The Gothic cathedral Notre Dame Paris is almost as famous as the Eiffel Tower. Especially couples that want their outdoor ceremony close to a spiritual place choose Notre Dame cathedral. But you don’t need to be religious to love the beautiful architecture as a backdrop for your Notre Dame wedding.

Here are ceremony locations for your Notre Dame wedding.

Paris landmarks: more stunning places to elope in Paris

Paris is not only about the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Paris. There are other stunning places to elope in Paris. Why not going for a Louvre wedding?

Here are ceremony locations with other Paris landmarks amongst others a Louvre wedding.

Paris Gardens & parks in Paris for an intimate wedding

Your are about to elope in Paris or renew your wedding vows in the city of love. And you love the famous Paris landmarks!

Paris landmarks as the Eiffel Tower or Louvre naturally attract many people. But you would feel shy if many passersby and tourists witness your elopement ceremony, wedding ceremony or vow renewal ceremony. Your priority is an intimate wedding elopement! In short: You would prefer to find a more quiet and intimate place to elope in Paris!

So why not getting married in one of the romantic parks in Paris or elegant Paris gardens? These wedding locations in Paris are more quiet as there are no streets. Gardens and parks in Paris feel more intimate. You can find hidden spots where you are less exposed as at the Paris landmarks. Another advantage: Parks and gardens in Paris are less busy because there are not many tourist groups.

Still the best time for your intimate wedding ceremony are the mornings. Starting from noon Parisians enjoy their parks and gardens as well. Just don’t expect to be completely alone for an outdoor ceremony at a public space – Paris is a vivid city after all!

Here are ceremony locations in Paris gardens and parks such as Luxembourg Gardens.


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If you have questions about which Paris wedding location to choose get in touch with the Paris officiant! I can help you figure out which outdoor ceremony location may be the best for your requirements

Romantic, intimate or iconic: As your English speaking celebrant in Paris I will help you finding the ceremony locations that you envision! Don’t hesitate to contact me! Together we find the best outdoor ceremony location for your Paris elopement, Paris wedding or Paris vow renewal ceremony.

Photography by: Pierre Torset