Intimate spots for your ceremony

Beautiful parks & romantic gardens

Of course you love the famous Parisian sights – that’s why you came to the city of love to celebrate your wedding, elopement or wedding anniversary!

But maybe you feel a bit shy to have your ceremony at such a landmark. Because those places naturally attract many tourists. So maybe you would prefer to find a more quiet and intimate spot to get married, to elope or renew your vows!

So why not exchanging your vows in one of the romantic parks and gardens in Paris? Such as the famous Luxembourg Garden or at the Seine riverside.

Just keep in mind: Parks and gardens feel more intimate because you can hide a bit in the green. We can easier find a location for your ceremony which is not as exposed as at the landmarks. Another advantage is that there are usually not so many tourist groups. But Parisians enjoy their parks and gardens as well. So you still will encounter passersby walking their dog, running or strolling. Just don’t expect to be completely alone – Paris is a vivid city!

Below you can find a few examples for whimsical spots and intimate places in Paris for your an intimate celebration. If you have more questions about those place let me know, as your celebrant in Paris I can help you figure out which place might be the best for your requirements.