paris elopement wedding

You are planning your wedding in France, Paris elopement or vow renewal ceremony? Well, then you must have a lot of questions right now! Have at look the FAQ and you’ll surely find some answers! Otherwise just contact me and ask me all you want to know! As your English speaking celebrant in Paris I would be happy to help!

We want to get married in France as foreigners! What are the French marriage laws?

Your symbolic ceremony in Paris performed by wedding celebrants in France is not legally binding! In France you can only get married by law in a city hall. But that is very complicated!!! It involves tons of paperwork! The government has complex and abundant bureaucratic requirements for foreigners who want to get married in France. So what most couples do: They get legally married back home before or after their symbolic ceremony in Paris.

We want a customized ceremony! Can I influence my wedding, elopement or vow renewal ceremony?

Absolutely! It is your ceremony and it should be just as you imagined it! Share with me how you envision your wedding ceremony, elopement ceremony or vow renewal ceremony! As your celebrant in Paris I will create a personal and unique, meaningful and romantic ceremony for you! I believe that your ceremony should reflect your beautiful love story, the uniqueness of your couple and your individual personalities. So tell me all about the two of you! I can’t wait to hear your love story and how you envision your celebration!

If you are searching for ideas why not checking my packages or blog for inspiration!

Can we write our personal wedding vows?

With pleasure, I will only encourage you! Writing and including your personal vows is one of the advantages by celebrating a civil ceremony. Like that you express with your own words what your fiancé means to you and what you think should be important for your marriage! And no worries in case you have trouble finding the right words I can give you a hand writing your personal wedding vows!

But writing your personal  vows is of course not a must! If you are not so much into this idea the standard vows will work perfectly as well – as they did for centuries!

In which language will you perform my wedding, elopement or vow renewal ceremony?

As your English speaking officiant I usually write and perform your ceremony in English! As you wedding, elopement or vow renewal will take place in Paris France I will include a little French touch – of course with translation!

You are a multicultural couple? Your families and friends come from different countries? Well, I am also a bilingual celebrant and can prepare a ceremony in two different languages for you – English, French, German in all combinations.

My Italian, Spanish and Chinese are a little rusty. But I can still incorporate individual sections for you in those languages such as a reading, the traditional wedding vows or ring exchange!

I am eloping in Paris. What is the best time of day for my outdoor ceremony?

For your outdoor ceremony I recommend the early morning! Sunrise time is ideal! Sounds crazy, right? But believe me it’s worth it!

In the early morning we got the best chance to beat the crowds and share an intimate moment for your ceremony! Paris quickly gets busy and crowded with tourist groups – especially around the famous Paris landmarks! Also Parisians really enjoy there city whenever they can! If we schedule the ceremony later in the day it wouldn’t be the first time that a spontaneous audience is gathering around you. (Believe me, Parisians and tourists anyway are curious folks! They love weddings – Paris isn’t called the city of love for nothing! They won’t hesitate to participate at your ceremony as uninvited guests applauding and snapping pictures!)

Besides the light is beautiful at sunrise and that will show in your wedding photographs! Nice side effect: You won’t have plenty of passersby in the background of your pictures! It will look like Paris was all yours for your wedding day!

I am really shy! How can I avoid lots of passersby or unwanted bystanders during my outdoor ceremony?

Be at the good place at the right time! That means: First and foremost let’s plan your ceremony in the early morning hours when Paris is still quiet and rather empty.

Moreover the choice of your ceremony location is important! There are beautiful spots near the famous Paris landmarks. But they tend to be a bit exposed and easily busy! Why not choosing a location that are less in the open and a little more intimate! Such as parks, gardens or the Seine riverside! As your Paris officiant I would love to recommend you some beautiful intimate ceremony locations! Just get in touch!

We are same sex couple!  Do you perform wedding, elopement or vow renewal ceremonies for gay or lesbian couples?

Yes, it would be my pleasure! I am happy that you two love each other so much that you want to spend the rest of your lives together! Nothing else matters! I am for marriage equality! Because I think that there should not be any obstacles for people who commit to care for one another. So bring your sweetheart to the most romantic city in the world and elope in Paris, get married in France or renew wedding vows! As your wedding celebrant I would be glad to help you writing a new chapter in your love story!

Photography by: Pierre Torset