If you have any questions concerning your wedding, elopement or vow renewal celebration in Paris you can first have a look at the FAQ below, maybe you already find our answer there, or you just contact me – I would be happy to help!

Is my civil ceremony in Paris legally binding?

Unfortunaltely no! Your civil ceremony in Paris performed by a wedding celebrant is not legally binding! In France you can only get married by law in a city hall – but this is very complicated!!! It involves tons of paperwork as the governement has complex and abundant bureaucratic requirements for foreigners who want to get married in France. So what most couples do: They get legally married back home before or after their symbolic ceremony in Paris.

How much can I influence my wedding, elopement or vow renewal ceremony?

As much as you want! It is your big day and it should be just as you always imangined it. Share with me how you envision your wedding, elopement or vow renewal ceremony and we will create a memorable moment together!

If you are still searching for ideas why not checking my packages or blog for inspiration!

Can we write our personal wedding vows?

With pleasure, I will only encourage you! Writing and including your personal vows is one of the advantages by celebrating a civil ceremony. Like that you express with your own words what your husband or wife-to-be means to you and what you think should be important for your marriage! And no worries in case you have trouble finding the right words I can give you a hand writing your personal wedding vows!
But writing your personal  vows is of course not a must! If you are not so much into this idea the standard vows will work perfectly as well – as they did for centuries!

In which language will you perform my wedding, elopement or vow renewal ceremony?

As your english speaking officiant I usually write and perform your ceremony in English!

If you would fancy a little french touch I can perform parts of the ceremony in French (with translation) as well.

And if your roots are as various as mine and you want this to be reflected in your ceremony I can perform parts of the ceremony also in German, Italian or Chinese!

What is the best time of the day for my outdoor elopement ceremony in Paris?

In general for an outdoor ceremony I would recommend the morning because Paris is still calm!

And that is good for two reasons: First if you like your ceremony to be intimate and avoid a spontaneous  audience then the morning hours are best. (Believe me, Parisians are curious folks, they love weddings and won’t hesitate to participate at your ceremony as uninvited guests.) Secondly if you want a photographer to take your pictures at the same time then both the light will be best and Paris the least crowded so that you won’t have plenty of passersby in the background of your pictures.

But any time of the day is fine if you don’t plan to have your pictures taken and you don’t mind some applauding Parisians!

How can I avoid plenty of passersby or unwanted bystanders during my outdoor ceremony?

First and foremost let’s plan your ceremony for the morning hours when Paris is still quiet and the streets empty.

Secondly lets choose a spot a bit apart from the main tourist sights. For example in parks or gardens we can fins beautiful spots which are intimate and a little hidden. You can already In any case you can browse through some pictures on my Facebook, Instagram or my blog to see some examples of locations for your ceremony.

We are same-sex couple, do you perform wedding, elopement or vow renewal ceremonies for gay or lesbian couples?

Yes, it would be my pleasure! I am happy that you two love each other so much that you want to spend the rest of your lives together – and nothing else matters! I am for marriage equality because I think that there should not be any obstacles for people who love each other and commit to care for one another. So bring your sweetheart to the most romantic city in the world and elope, exchange or renew your wedding vows – marry him or her! As your celenrant I would be glad to help you writing a new chapter in your love story!